Tommy Crangle Supports Constitutional Amendment #1

Tommy Crangle Supports Constitutional Amendment #1

Encourages Voters To Join Him in Voting “Yes”

SIGNAL MOUNTAIN, TN: Tommy Crangle, State House Candidate for Tennessee’s 27th District, today said he supports Governor Haslam’s commitment to work this fall to pass an amendment to the Tennessee Constitution that would grant state lawmakers more authority in regulating abortions.

Crangle said, “At the current time, beauty salons are more regulated than abortion facilities, and data that I have seen shows that women from other states are coming to Tennessee to have unregulated abortions. We have effectively absolved ourselves of any responsibility to inform these women or even make safe the facilities being used. That is irresponsible.”

Tennessee’s Constitution bars other laws that neighboring states have enacted including waiting periods, bans on later trimester abortions and required ultrasounds. According to a recent USA Today article, more than 1 in 4 abortions in Tennessee were sought by women from out of state.

“I want to thank those legislators who worked so hard to get SJR127 through the General Assembly and on the ballot. Because I believe that life begins at conception, if elected, I will continue to be a strong voice in support of innocent life in Tennessee. Voters will never wonder where I stand on this issue.”

If Amendment #1 passes, a few lines of text will be added to the Tennessee Constitution specifying that the “right to privacy” should not deprive an in-utero baby of its rights. It will also allow other laws to be enforceable, including laws to:

· Ensure women who are considering abortions know the truth about threats to health;
· Protect taxpayers from paying for birth control abortions;
· Force abortion facilities to adhere to strict safety regulations; and
· Enact a 24-hour waiting period to prevent abortion-on-demand.

“I am glad that Governor Haslam supports this amendment. I believe Amendment #1 will ultimately result in better information and a higher level of safety for those considering abortion. Certainly, taxpayers who oppose their tax monies being used for abortions will have more say in defending Life. I hope all voting Tennesseans will VOTE YES ON #1,” Crangle concluded.

Mr. Crangle, a Professional Engineer and former TVA Executive, is on the ballot for the Aug. 7 election. Early voting begins, Friday, July 18.

Tennessee House District 27 includes Soddy Daisy, Falling Water, Red Bank, Mowbray, Signal and Lookout Mountains, Lookout Valley and Walden.

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