Tommy Crangle Speaks Out On Illegal Immigration


Tommy Crangle Speaks Out On Illegal Immigration

Says Tennessee Needs to Defend Its Borders

SIGNAL MOUNTAIN, TN: Tommy Crangle, State House Candidate for Tennessee’s 27th District, spoke out against Washington, D.C.’s willful disregard for border security. He referred to the massive migration of underage children streaming across our southern border in recent months.

Crangle said, “I believe it’s time for Tennessee to make some decisions about how best to defend the security of our state and our citizens. Governor Perry of Texas has acted to do the job Washington, D.C. won’t do. We should follow suit.”

“The rights retained by States in the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution may be the last line of defense against an out-of-control Federal Government. This is the primary reason I am running for State Representative.”

As unaccompanied children come across the US border in droves, they are being bused and flown to various destinations across the United States. There are reports this week that in January the Federal government issued an RFP for transporting these illegals, offering evidence that this massive entrance of children has been anticipated for months. Moving them around in the United States effectively puts the burden of their care on the taxpayer.

Crangle said, “I am interested in protecting the citizens of Tennessee against a Federal government that seems intent on destroying the America that hard-working people love. This is particularly important for Tennessee since we have been forced to accept thousands of refugees under the U.N. Refugee Resettlement Program. These refugees have placed an incredible strain on Tennessee’s social safety net and created additional burdens for taxpayers. I intend to join other legislators to push back on this program.”

Mr. Crangle, a Professional Engineer and former TVA Executive, is on the ballot for the Aug. 7 election. Early voting begins, Friday, July 18.

Tennessee House District 27 includes Soddy Daisy, Falling Water, Red Bank, Mowbray, Signal and Lookout Mountains, Lookout Valley and Walden.

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