The Gift of Life

As many of you know, Chairman Tony’s wife Kinah has long awaited the gift of a kidney. I am happy to report that they received a call on July 3rd asking them to report to Vanderbilt for a transplant. On July 4th, Kinah regained her freedom and her life through the gift of organ donation. The surgery went better than expected and Kinah is well on her way to a full recovery, possibly being released from the hospital as early as today.

FaceBook updates were posted throughout the transplant process and friends were allowed to be a part of the process, even including suggesting names for the new kidney.

From the moment the Sanders received the call, they asked that prayers be said for the family of the young man who lost his life and also for Kinah as she headed into surgery.

Please continue to pray for both families, as one mourns the loss of life and another rejoices the gift of life.

If you are not an organ donor, please consider becoming one! For more information or to sign up today, please go to! Tony, Kinah and everyone waiting for a transplant say, “THANK YOU!”

Thank you,

Kathy Holloway
Executive Director