The Committee to Elect Marc Gravitt

Marc Gravitt Gains Early Support

McCormick, Dean Endorse

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (Jan. 14, 2014)- Tennessee House Majority Leader Gerald McCormick and Tennessee Representative Vince Dean announced at a meet and greet on Thursday, Jan. 9, their support for State Representative candidate Marc Gravitt. The event was held in honor of Gravitt, kicking off his campaign. Gravitt will be running in the August 7 Republican primary election for the House District 30 seat currently held by Dean.

“I think Marc’s going to be successful as a candidate and, more importantly, as an elected representative,” stated McCormick. “He’s going to represent you in a way that will make you proud, and I’m proud to be part of his team.”

In his remarks, McCormick also noted that he was looking forward to having another former army sergeant in Nashville, pointing out Gravitt’s six-year service in the U.S. Army. McCormick also mentioned that his wife Dr. Kimberly McCormick, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs at Chattanooga State, had grown up with Gravitt and knew him as a man of character.

Highlighting the challenges of the upcoming budget year, McCormick praised Gravitt’s business sense as a successful business owner: “I want to point out what we need in a state representative, from Hamilton County especially,” said McCormick. “One of those things is business experience and the ability to go through a budget…and we know Marc has that experience as a business owner.”

Outgoing incumbent, Tennessee Representative Vince Dean was in attendance at the Jan. 9 event to lend Gravitt his support, echoing McCormick’s praise of Gravitt’s business prowess and introducing Gravitt as “a good friend.”

Dean noted, “As an East Ridge resident, I’ve seen first-hand how Marc conducts himself as an elected official. He’s brought stability to the East Ridge City Council, and proven himself to be both an ethical and professional public servant and small business owner. We need folks in Nashville who do their homework and listen to the citizens they represent, not the special interests.”

“During a Primary process, the Hamilton County Republican Party does not support, endorse nor imply endorsement of any Republican Primary Candidate.”