Thank You from Tommy and Pamper Crangle

Tommy Crangle Thanks Supporters and Volunteers in

Tennessee State House District 27 Race

We want to express our thanks for the out-pouring of support from the 4148 voters who voted for us. In our attempt to honor the citizens of the 27th District, we visited over 3500 homes to personally talk with all the voters we could.

We also want to thank all the volunteers and others that showed up when needed and all the true Conservatives that believed in our campaign platform of

  • Individual Freedom and Responsibility
  • Protection of Private Property Ownership
  • Protection of Innocent Life
  • Promotion of Small Businesses
  • Fiscally Responsible and Efficient Government with Lower Taxes
  • Full Employment of Tennessee Citizens
  • Support of Legal Immigration
  • Local Control of Tennessee Education Initiatives that are Student, Parent and Teacher Centered
  • Protection of Veterans, Second Amendment Rights, and Religious Freedoms guaranteed in the First Amendment, and
  • An Originalist view of the U.S. Constitution.

These are true Conservative Principles that we believe are necessary for our Nation and Tennessee to survive and thrive.

We appreciate the many prayers that were offered up from our Campaign Prayer Team and from others who were lifting the campaign up.

We also thank the many folks who endorsed us including current Representative Richard Floyd, and past Representatives Bill McAfee, Bobby Wood (and wife, Jeanne) and Jim Vincent (and wife, Marilyn), and Retired Admirals Noah Long and Vance Fry. We appreciate all the folks who wrote letters to the editor of the local paper and to in support of our campaign. All were great and we could tell they were all heartfelt; some of the best ones were written by friends and supporters and we did not even know they were coming. We will treasure them all forever.

Thanks to our many donors, many of whom were small business persons, working people, students, and pensioners. We know that money comes dearly to all of these folks and we want them to know that we, as fiscal conservatives, were very careful in spending the donations we received.

We wish success to all the Republican candidates who will be in the General Election in November. We also want all Conservatives to know that the fight is not over to instill Conservative principled government at all levels. If we want Conservatives to govern, we must get involved, contribute, vote, and encourage others to be involved and vote. Please get involved and fight on for our liberty and for the United States of America. “Those who ignore the past are condemned to repeat it.”-George Santayana, American Philosopher

With gratitude,

Tommy & Pamper Crangle