Say NO to UAW

GOP Faithful:

As many of you are aware, there will be a vote next week at the VW plant for Union Representation. As I stare northward towards Detroit, MI, I see the city that once served as the world’s automotive headquarters that has been decimated by the UAW. The ramifications of next week’s vote here have long-lasting consequences. I remember doing a MBA research paper in college which contrasted GM versus Toyota. At that time GM was more than $3,000 per car behind a non-unionized Toyota before a bolt was turned because of Legacy Cost; or the cost of all the benefits to retired or non-working union workers. In my paper and now I conclude that the UAW will bring nothing to our community.

Some of you may work for VW but I would imagine most of you do not. I would encourage you to express your support for the Anti-UAW workers at VW which are feeling the pressure of the underhanded UAW techniques.Write opinion pieces to the media outlets;;; and showing your support in the stand against the UAW.

Make no mistake, there are several skilled/craftsman unions in town that many of you may have friends that belong: Boilermakers, Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers, IBEW, and many more. The UAW is not one of these groups. The UAW has no presence here. Their leadership is living in a hotel and when they are finished, if they win, the union dues collected here will go to support their strong-arm techniques, lavish lifestyles in Detroit and every Democratic candidate and idea you can imagine. They will not support any conservative pro-business ideas. If you don’t believe me, just look towards Detroit.

I have included some links to articles about the upcoming votes. I have also included three articles from the WSJ which I hope will help understand what is at stake.

I hope to see your comments soon in our media.

Chairman Tony Sanders
Hamilton County Republican Party

VW workers denied equal access to learn of anti-union stance

Detroit is interested in UAW being in TN

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