Patsy Hazlewood Endorsed by Chattanooga Times Free Press

Tennessee State Representative

We have news for voters as you head out to the polls this week!

The Chattanooga Times Free Press has endorsed Patsy Hazlewood for Tennessee State Representative of District 27:

“Patsy Hazlewood, a former telecmmunication executive and retired state economic development regional director, is the clear chice on the Aug. 7 Republican primary ballot for Tennessee House District 27.”

“We endorse Hazlewood for her recent experience as regional director for the Tennessee Department of Economic Development and for her leadership..”

“We believe Hazlewood’s recent experience in economic development and the wide Chattanooga circle she was able to draw in her various business and volunteer posts make her the better of two good conservaive candidates.”

“Hazlewood, as a state economic development official, has a realistic view of education and taxation.”

Early voting ennds this Saturday! We humbly ask for your vote for Patsy Hazlewood for Distrct 27 State Representative. You can vote early at any of the following locations:

Brainerd Rec Center
1010 North Moore Rd

Eastwood Church
4300 Ooltewah-Ringgold Rd

Election Commission
700 River Terminal Rd

Northgate Mall
271 Northgate Mall Drive

Thank you for your support, and see you at the polls!

Friends of Patsy Hazlewood

Friends of Patsy Hazlewood, Nick Decosimo, Treasurer.

“During a Primary process, the Hamilton County Republican Party does not support, endorse nor imply endorsement of any Republican Primary Candidate.”