Oscar Brock for School Board


I love our community, and as our area thrives and grows, I want our education system to reflect that same growth. One of my priorities is to ensure an excellent education is available to all of our children, not just the lucky few. This won’t be easy to achieve, but if we don’t stat soon, the gap between the lucky and the unlucky will only continue to grow.

“Education is the one clear path our of poverty. However, that path is narrowing to a dangerous degree.”

If we know how to create a few great schools, what is keeping us from taking those skills to every school? Right now, our school system has inconsistent quality across the district, turf battles rather than leadership and problem-solving and splintered government oversight. All this has resulted in a system that is no longer child-centric and where no one is responsible for ensuring there is a good school for every child.

Hamilton County needs a more transparent, accountable, and fair school system. To achieve that, we need extensive public engagement. Parents and voters must demand our school board members abandon the petty fighting for limited sources and work together. We need a unified board whose shared purpose is to transform and reinvent our schools, where every child has the opportunity fr a great education.

“There are ways good teachers can make the biggest difference in a child’s life and we must find them.”

These are not small goals, but the needs are not small- they are monumental. And the consequences of failure are enormous. Please join me in securing the change we need for our children and our community. I ask for your support and your vote.

Many thanks,

Oscar Brock

www.OscarBrock.com | Oscar Brock for School Board, Wes Kliner, Treasurer.

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