Leadership Institute – “Bootcamp of Politics”

Dear Republicans,

What do Americans for Prosperity President Tim Phillips, 24 year old
Florida State Representative Jennifer Sullivan, and the youth
coordinators for Senators Ted Cruz’s and Rand Paul’s original
campaigns have in common?

They attended the “boot camp of politics”- the Leadership
Institute’s Youth Leadership School! On October 3-4, the Leadership
Institute will host the Youth Leadership School (YLS) in Nashville.

In September, you can attend the same political training which
launched the careers of conservative organizational leaders like
Americans for Tax Reform President Mark Mix, politicians like Senator
Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and 4 State Representatives under
the age of 25, and youth efforts for major campaigns including
President Ronald Reagan’s successful 1980 campaign.

The Leadership Institute can help transition you and your grassroots
organizations from concerned Americans to effective activists and

This intense, two day training will teach you to:
·         Organize mass numbers of people
·         Increase the size and effectiveness of your conservative group
·         Motivate volunteers with exciting projects
·         Gain media coverage for your events
·         Host successful speaker events
·         Develop eye catching signs and literature to attract others to your cause
·         Learn to organize activism projects you can achieve immediately

The cost is only $30 which includes meals, course materials, and hotel
accommodations for those traveling more than an hour to attend.

You can register by following this link:

The left is constantly mobilizing against us. This is an opportunity you
cannot afford to miss!

Daryl Ann

Daryl Ann Dunigan
Director of Youth Leadership School
Stephen P.J. Wood Building
The Leadership Institute
1101 N. Highland Street
Arlington, VA 22201
Work: (703) 647-3352
Cell: (828) 447-3451

P.S. Don’t be deterred by the word Youth in the title. The material
transcends age and will increase the effectiveness of your
organization and movement.