Hamilton County Register of Deeds Pam Hurst wont seek re-election


The Hamilton County, Tennessee Register, Pam Hurst, has served as the Register for 23 years. The Register is an administrator over the office that records legal documents and provides information for real property. Pam worked in the land title business before being elected as Register. The County Officials’ Association of Tennessee named her the 2012 County Official of the Year.

Pam made a decision to leave this elected office, September 1, 2018. Pam said “It is time to let someone else serve. I will cherish the time that I have had in the office. I want to thank the citizens, the attorneys, and all the users of our office for your votes and support during these 24 years. I also want to thank all of the Register’s employees for their hard work during my years as Register.”

Pam stated that her favorite accomplishment was writing the rules to create the accelerated land title search program named Quick Search. This program is “live” on the Register’s remote subscription system.

Register Hurst would like to see the new Register be favorable and proactive toward future recording office changes. She would also expect the new official to continue the fiscally responsible precedent that she has set while in office.

Register Pam Hurst wanted to let everyone know so that those qualified candidates interested in the position will have enough time to organize a campaign.