Exceptional Education for an Exceptional City

Oscar Brock | District 6 SCHOOL BOARD

Chattanooga is an exceptional city. We are thriving, attracting new business and investment everyday. So why aren’t we seeing that same growth in our schools?

“An exceptional city deserves an exceptional school system- not just a few great schools.”

Recently the Chattanooga Times Free Press ran the headline, “TCAP scores climb: Still, only half of Hamilton County’s kids perform at grade level.” Is this acceptable for the ‘best mid-sized city in America?’ My answer- of course not.

“An exceptional city deserves an exceptional school system. It is not enough to simply have a few great schools.”

What can we do to close the gap between our community’s standards and our children’s education?

  • Apply what we’ve learned from the schools that work to all schools.
  • Give parents, teachers, employers, and other stakeholders a voice.
  • Ensure teachers and principles better salaries.
  • Give every student access to a great education- not just those zoned for a good school.
  • Create a system that adequately prepares all children for higher education or the workforce.

“I love this community and am passionate about our children’s education.”

This is just the start; they are momentous goals, but we need momentous change. Please allow me to serve you and your children and to work toward the school system this city deserves.

I ask for your vote for Oscar Brock for Districk 6 School Board.

Many thanks,

Oscar Brock

www.OscarBrock.com | Oscar Brock for School Board, Wes Kliner, Treasurer.