Election Night Wrap-Up

First, I want to say congratulations to all the Republican candidates that won last night. Election night is always the culmination of months of hard work. I also want to take my hat off to the candidates that did not win. Anyone willing to stand up and run for public office deserves our support as well.

We had a wonderful night at the HCGOP headquarters last night. Nearly 500 people cycled through HQ to celebrate with friends and supporters. Special thanks go out to Paulina, Kathy and Teresa who worked so hard to make last night an outstanding success. Many elected officials and candidates also contributed funds for the celebration to allow the event to occur. Without all the support, the night would not have been possible.

I’m not going to list all the winners, but suffice it to say we had several including FOUR positions that now will have a Republican in them instead of the Democrats that have occupied them for years.

My hats off to the entire Hamilton County Republican Party as we had a very good night; enjoy the victory, you worked very hard to earn it.

If you didn’t see the Channel 3 coverage, please click this link WRCB Election Night Coverage.

Thank you again for your support of the Party,