2016 Lincoln Day Dinner Reservation Form



We would like to thank the following GOP faithful for purchasing a table!
Reserve your table today and be sure to look for more information regarding
business ads and campaign tables!


Tier One 

Congressman Chuck and Brenda Fleischmann
Commissioner Marty Haynes
Mel and Vice Chair Paulina Madaris
House Majority Leader Gerald and Dr. Kimberly McCormick
Chairman Tony and Kinah Sanders
Councilman Ken and Cinnamon Smith
Greg and Carlene Vital
Speaker Pro Tempore Bo Watson
Greater Chattanooga Association of Realtors

Tier Two
Assessor Bill and Marguerite Bennett
Commissioner Ethan White and David Barto
Mayor Jim and Nina Coppinger
St. Representative Marc and Cleo Gravitt
Sterling and Kay Jetton
Juvenile Court Judge Rob Philyaw and Juvenile Court Clerk Gary Behler

Tier Three

Commissioners Chester Bankston and Sabrena Turner
Commissioner Tim and Jan Boyd 

St. Representative Mike and Joan Carter
Senator Bob and Elizabeth Corker
Commissioner Joe and Letitia Graham
Councilman Larry and Carol Grohn
St. Representative Patsy Hazlewood
Sheriff Jim Hammond and County Court Clerk Larry Henry
Scott and Robin Smith
Circuit, Chancery and Criminal Court Judges(2)
Hamilton County Republican Women
Latinos For Tennessee
Young Republicans

Chattanooga Convention Center – February 19, 2016