Pachyderm Club of Hamilton County

  Please join us on Monday, January 26, 2015 for lunch at “OUR HOUSE”, Republican Headquarters located at 1428 Chestnut Street, Suite E.

I’ve included information on Monday’s speaker. If
you haven’t made a reservation, but would like to
please let us know by 4pm today! Thank you

John Anthony

John Anthony is a former teacher, the founder of
Corporate Measures, a leadership development
firm, and a nationally recognized speaker.  

Mr. Anthony is concerned about the effects of
government intrusions on local rule, individual
choices and our exceptional American way of life.
To that end, he presents programs and workshops
to inform conservative, liberal, and independent
citizens of the dangers of current policies.  He
created the popular video Agenda 21 for Public
Officials, and manages Sustainable Freedom Lab, a
site dedicated to protecting freedoms through the
sharing of accurate information.  John travels the
country with his communication’s workshop titled,
Shattering America’s Trance.

PLEASE park in the Finley Stadium Parking Lot that is
located caddy corner to our building.

A lunch buffet is offered for $12 and includes choice of two meats, vegetables, salad, bread, dessert and drinks. RSVP (by replying to this email) by Friday at Noon if you plan to eat.

The meeting begins at Noon and ends promptly at 1:00 p.m. Come join us each Monday during your lunch hour and great food while staying informed and on top of local, state and national politics.

Future Speakers and Important Dates: