Commissioner Joe Graham announces he is running for second term

Joe Graham, a Republican, said he is seeking a new term as the District 6 representative on the County Commission.

The former commissioner, Democrat John Brooks, said he is also planning to run.

Commissioner Graham said, “Thank you, District 6, for allowing me to represent you as your county commissioner.

“When talking with many of our District 6 constituents, the first question that nearly everyone has asked me is, “Do you like being our county commissioner?” Well, my answer to that is, ‘Yes!’ I love representing our district, so our voices can and will be heard.

“We have been able to get many things accomplished for our district as well as for all of Hamilton County. I am both humbled and honored that an overwhelming reaction from all of you is, ‘We need you to stay and keep up the hard work.’

“When I first ran for the district seat, I made only two promises. First, was to be involved in what is going on in our district, to the point where you know beyond a shadow of doubt that you have a county commissioner that is not only easy to get a hold of, but returns phone calls, has his cell number published for easy access (423.255.6601) and shows up all throughout the district to help with any and all issues that he can. This is a promise that I fulfill everyday, and very much enjoy.

“The second promise was to always tell the whole truth – which I have and will continue to do. There have been many issues in my first term that are not the norm: appointing a county mayor, a county commissioner, and several judges, also balancing the budget every year with no tax increase. We had the difficult task of making precision cuts to our budget to make up for over $13 million in cuts.

“We have accomplished a lot in my first term, helping to get several thousand new jobs, many brand-new schools while working on the existing schools in our district. Also being involved with the growth of our infrastructure so we can accommodate new homes and new businesses, while helping to support local businesses to help them grow as well. I have also been diligent on a daily basis to work hard to save the county taxpayers money in many ways.”

So with that said, “Yes, I am running for re-election for Hamilton County District 6. It matters who governs, but we also need active citizens to have good government, which I am proud to say we do. Please support me for re-election to this next term and I will continue to work hard to make sure our district is represented with honesty, integrity, and that our voices are being heard.”

Thank you, humbly your public servant for District 6.”

Joe Graham
Hamilton County Commissioner
District 6
“During a Primary process, the Hamilton County Republican Party does not support, endorse nor imply endorsement of any Republican Primary Candidate.”