A final note from Tony Sanders, Immediate Past Chairman

First, I wanted to say what a privilege it has been to serve you as your Chairman for the past four years. We, working together, have achieved a level of success that would not have been imaginable 25 years ago when Republicans were elected to very few seats in Hamilton County. Today, we hold the most seats in Hamilton County; a testament to you and your hard work.

This past Saturday, the party held its Biennial Reorganization and your new Chairman is Joe DeGaetano. I believe Joe will do an outstanding job as Chair and I encourage you to get behind him so he can continue building the party with you. Joe has a wonderful and dynamic team working with him and I can’t wait to see where they take the party.

Your new leaders are:

Chair, Joe DeGaetano
Vice Chair, Marsha Yessick
Secretary, Gary Green, II
Treasurer, David Queen
Vice Treasurer, Sharon Moody

Saturday I thanked several people for their support during my tenure and I want to thank them with this email as well. First my Vice-Chair Paulina Madaris, we have worked well together and I hope she has enjoyed the past four years as I have. Her commitment to the party and seeing it grow was unmatched. I also want to thank Kathy Holloway, your Executive Director. She is the glue that holds the party together and I shudder to think what the last four years would have been without her working with me daily.

It’s now time for the next page in my political life. I plan on staying involved, but I also think it is important for me to give Joe the latitude to lead the party. I told him Saturday that I will offer him very little unsolicited advice, but I will always be available to answer any question and provide any support he may need. I ask the same of you, please get behind our new Chairman and his team and work with him to make the HCGOP the strongest party possible.


Tony Sanders
Immediate Past Chairman