GOP Faithful,


IT MATTERS WHO GOVERNS is not simply a catch phrase. It matters which basic philosophy guides the thoughts, deliberations and decisions of our policymakers. We are now seeing the results of our past efforts with a very RED Tennessee and Hamilton County.


The Hamilton County Republican Party has been and will continue to be a beacon, shining a light on limited, accountable government, the individual rights of our Constitution and the freedoms that are being attacked. Your local party has a tradition of commitment, grassroots strength, and success. Our goal is to continue to build on the foundation and grow our party for generations to come.  


We ask you to join us in our cause – to keep and build the majorities earned over the decades!


The Hamilton County Republican Party is your voice so we need your support. Your support enables us to keep our doors open year round, host events/forums, provide a place for our clubs to meet, provide financial support for Republican candidates and last but not least, it allows us to constantly seek Republicans to replace Democrat held seats in the county (we saw the results this past August with Four New Republicans Seat Holders elected as well as newly elected Republicans stepping up to serve) and now focusing on the City. Since we do not receive any assistance from the State or National GOP, we depend on you!


We re-instituted a plan last year that paid great dividends; the Majority Keepers program of systematic giving. By making a personal investment in the Hamilton County Republican Party, voter databases will be maintained to current; campaign schools and grassroots training will continue to equip the “bench” for the future leaders of our party; communications to our members and community will serve as a local voice of reason in critical local elections. We need you.


Our vision includes, but is not limited to:


  • supporting local candidates providing guidance, data and a group of volunteers,
  • providing some much needed data mining for elected officials and candidates working in cooperation with the State GOP,
  • connecting with new GOP voters, as well as, groups that should be voting GOP but have not yet been targeted, and
  • establishing a PAC in the future allowing us to contribute financially to candidates. The list goes on…


It’s simple. Select the level of participation on the next page, write your check or authorize you credit card transaction and take ownership of the successes now, and in the future of the Hamilton County Republican Party. It will be a victoriously rewarding experience for all of us. What is the cost when great men, and women, do nothing? As Ronald Reagan said,” Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”


Tony Sanders

HCRP Chairman, 2015-2017


Please circle your level of commitment, fill out your information below and return in the enclosed envelope or mail to PO Box 4451, Chattanooga, TN 37405.

Founders Level: $240/yr; $20/mo

  • Receive 2 tickets to Lincoln Day Dinner

Sustaining Level: $1,200/yr; $100/mo

  • Receive 4 tickets to Lincoln Day Dinner
  • Receive 2 tickets to the Lincoln Day Dinner Private Reception

Chairman’s Level: $3,000/yr; $250/mo

  • Receive 1 table at Lincoln Day Dinner
  • Receive 4 tickets to the Lincoln Day Private Reception


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If you would like to make payment(s) on your credit card please fill out the following information:

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